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 Rules and Punishment

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PostSubject: Rules and Punishment   Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:52 pm

Rules and punishment.

Red Font Rules can get u banned for ever.
Yellow Can get you banned for a while
Green Can get you jailed

Game Rules:

1. No Bug Abusing
2. No Admin Disrespect
3. No hacking
4. Dont use any 3rd party programs such as botting
5. No flaming/curshing
6. Do not Spawn PK
7. Do not scamm or trick other member.
8. Do not steal accounts that dont belong to you.
9. If your clan already owns a castle, you cannot create an alt clan or get your friend/bro to make a clan to take a castle under the protection of your clan(this includes allies).
10. Ur alliance is only allowed to have 2 castles
11. Ur not allowed to Wall cast the artifact
12. Ur not allowed to Wall in during sieges

Forum Rules:

1. No spaming
2. No flaming/cursing
3. No double posting
4. Respect Admins

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Rules and Punishment
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