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 Need for Game Master?

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PostSubject: Need for Game Master?   Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:10 pm

[b]Hey Admin...
I'm K4rMa..I heard that u need GM's?
So...I have an experience of previous servers like...L2 Reliable (I was for a year HGM and now it closed..) and BnB...
I know very good how to use a Game Master...
My details..:I am 16 years old from greece
My GM details..:For me..:Helpful 10/10(and if i have work i help ppl..(not giving Items)-I am specially for events geek I make 1 vs 1 - party vs party for price that u need to farm...not a lot... and i check Olympiad for bugs exploits...etc..
So..if u want contact me...:
And TEST me Razz
W8ing 4 u..!Just for the server...Razz
*I will bring u about 20-25 ppl...i'll put the server at my Net Cafe...
**I will log on everyday about 4 hours to check server
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Need for Game Master?
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