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 Staff Positions?

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Staff Positions? Empty
PostSubject: Staff Positions?   Staff Positions? I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 15, 2009 10:22 am

You said on website about going to forums and applying for a GM position or moderator
Ive looked through the topics and didnt see a staff recruitment section, so I guess im going to post my application here until you make a recruitment section for your staff Very Happy

Name: Chris / Demon
Age: 18
Location: USA, Florida
Time Zone: GMT +2 (Eastern Pacific)
Experience: well I was a GM for L2M about a year ago before it was closed and I GM'ed for about a year, and played the server as a player for 2 years.
What can I bring to the L2toxic team: Well I can make sig's pretty good so I could advertise all around on different websites to come here and play. Also I have been a GM before so learning what to do and not to do with the right's you give me will not be abused.

Personality: Im kinda mellow/ relaxed. I like to do things alone most of the time cause when I was younger and I worked with people from school there were always people who didnt do anything to help contrubite so I kinda learned if I work alone I know everything will get done and the job will be a success. Im very outgoing in my own way.. like I said mellow and relaxed but once you get to know me im very outgoing in sarcasm instead of outgoing with happy/gloating/bragging/cheerful type of ways.

Hr's into gaming: Well It depending on how I feel that day and time, mostly I play for about 16+ hrs and it goes down if im sick and I dont want to get out of bed.

Well I think thats about as much as I can think of at the moment, if you need any other information im sure you can ask me and I'll answer back

you can contact me through this post / private message / or e-mail ""
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Staff Positions?
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